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  State Officers  
2020-21 Virginia State Officer Team      

Megan Day, State President
Andrew Seibel, Secretary
Hunter Carson, Vice President
Joshua Powers, Vice President
Madeline Moore, Vice President
  Austin Funk, Vice President
Jeremy Petrie, Treasurer
Faith Dellinger, Reporter
Ryan Alits, Sentinel 

Prospective State Officers      
Becoming a State FFA Officer is one of the highest honors in the Virginia FFA Association. As a State Officer, you will be representing over 9,600 members in Virginia on the State and National levels.

National Officer Candidate      
The decision to run for a National FFA Office is not an easy one. The selection process will be conducted similar to the National Officer Candidate process at National Convention. 

Past State & National FFA Officers      
NameDate AddedSize
1927-1930 5/21/2020 47 KB
1930-1940 5/21/2020 54 KB
1940-1950 5/21/2020 55 KB
1950-1960 5/21/2020 11 KB
1960-1970 5/21/2020 57 KB
1970-1980 5/21/2020 12 KB
1980-1990 5/21/2020 57 KB
1990-2000 5/21/2020 56 KB
2000-2010 5/21/2020 19 KB
2010-2019 5/21/2020 24 KB
Past National Officers 5/21/2020 43 KB


Request Forms
A request for State Officer visits must be submitted using the form below.

**Please note that all requests should be made with two weeks notice. If there is not two weeks notice the visit may be denied. Thank you for following this request.**

Visit Request Form
Visit Evaluation Form

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