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  State Officers  

Are You Interested in Becoming a State Officer?      
Becoming a State FFA Officer is one of the highest honors in the Virginia FFA Association. As a State Officer, you will be representing over 15,000 members in Virginia on the State and National levels.

Are You Virginia's Next National Officer Candidate?      
The decision to run for a National FFA Office is not an easy one. The selection process will be conducted similar to the National Officer Candidate process at National Convention. 

Our Past State & National FFA Officers      
NameDate AddedSize
1927-1930 7/11/2022 405 KB
1930-1940 7/11/2022 506 KB
1940-1950 7/11/2022 511 KB
1950-1960 7/11/2022 526 KB
1960-1970 7/11/2022 539 KB
1970-1980 7/11/2022 540 KB
1970-1980 7/11/2022 540 KB
1980-1990 7/11/2022 526 KB
1990-2000 7/11/2022 522 KB
2000-2010 3/20/2023 407 KB
2010-2020 7/11/2022 489 KB
2020-2030 7/31/2023 349 KB
Past NFA National Officers 1/31/2023 156 KB
Past National FFA Officers 8/21/2023 449 KB

State Officer Information
State officer team bios coming soon!

Grayson Long
Blair Rutherford
Keller Cooley
Vice President
Allison Rhodes
Vice President
Braelyn Durbin
Jackie Diaz
Ryan Livesay


Request a State Officer Visit
We are no longer accepting visit requests for the 2023-2024 team. The visit form will reopen for the 2024-2025 team in late August. In the meantime, if you need to make a special request, please email gseibel@vt.edu or alisonks@vt.edu.
Evaluation Form

Visits can include a workshop. Please check back for workshop offerings.

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