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  Jeremy Petrie,
State Treasurer

Home Chapter

SAE Project(s)
I had a couple of SAE projects over my time in the FFA. I currently have two SAE's that I am focusing on; gardening and beekeeping. On the gardening portion, my family and some family friends upkeep and maintain a shared garden. On the beekeeping portion, I feed and check on the status of our honeybees. It's a new SAE for me, but it is a great learning experience!

Favorite CDE or LDE
My favorite LDE was Parliamentary Procedure. I have always enjoyed problem solving and friendly debate. This LDE is a great way to develop your teamwork skills and speaking skills. There are many important aspects that are focused on in this LDE, and all of them are a great way to develop your leadership skills and teamwork!

Favorite FFA memory
My favorite FFA memory was Washington Leadership Conference. This week long event allows you to meet people from all over the country and develop your leadership skills. The people you meet are awesome and the event is a lot of fun. This conference also helps develop you as a person and as a leader. I would recommend this conference to anyone that has not attended it before!

Future Plans
I aspire to become a middle or high school History teacher. Next year, I will be attending James Madison University. I will be obtaining my degree in History with a focus on secondary education. I plan to finish my schooling after obtaining a Master's Degree and a teaching license in Virginia.
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