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  Are You Interested in Becoming a State Officer?  

Congratulations on your decision or interest in running for a Virginia FFA Association State Office! Becoming a State FFA Officer is one of the highest honors in the Virginia FFA Association. You are looked up to by students as a role model and inspiration. Teachers see you as an advocate for Agricultural Education and a motivator to encourage students to become active in the FFA. 

Serving as a State Officer is a very time consuming commitment, but is well worth the experience of traveling throughout Virginia and meeting members! As a State Officer, you will be representing over 9,000 members in Virginia at the state and national levels. 

We wish you the best of luck while running for an office. The following are links that will be of assistance during your preparation, along with an application. Please review the State Officer Handbook for a detailed explanation of the responsibilities and commitments of State Office.

  Relive one of the most exciting moments in any FFA officer's journey. Click on the photo to watch the 2019/2020 National Officer Selection video!

Candidate Resources      
NameDate AddedSize
2021 State office Application 5/12/2021 1220 KB
SOC Handbook 5/21/2020 547 KB
SOC Parent Handbook 5/21/2020 992 KB

Important Dates
2021 Selection Process:

Due to COVID protocols we will have to conduct the interviews over zoom.   

June 18th  - 22nd

State Deadline for Applications:
Postmarked by June 1st.

2021 Dates for New State Officers

Blast-Off Training - June 28 to July 2nd

Check-Point Two Training - @ FFA camp - July 12 - 16

National FFA Summit - July 18 - 23rd

Mailing Address
Mail Application to:
Virginia FFA Association
115 Hutcheson Hall
Blacksburg, VA 24061

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