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  Kelcey Weston,

My SAE project is an unpaid placement project. For my SAE project, I have worked at multiple different equine facilities since 2018. The barns that I worked for were predominantly rescue equine facilities with the exception of a few horses being boarded at the barns from time-to-time for training. My jobs at the barns included but were not limited to, cleaning stalls, feeding horses grain, filling water troughs/buckets, exercising horses, assisting with training, stacking hay, and cleaning/repairing miscellaneous areas of the barn.

Favorite CDE or LDE:
When I was in eighth grade, I was asked to fill a spot on our chapter’s Junior Forestry team. Although Forestry was not something that I gravitated towards from the start, I continued to participate in our federation Forestry CDE’s each year and grew to find an interest in the forestry industry. With my growing interest in the topic came more success at each contest I participated in. By the time I graduated, Forestry had become my favorite CDE to compete in and a field that I was passionate about expanding my knowledge in.

Favorite FFA Memory:
One of the most memorable moments in my time as an FFA member would have to have been during my interview to be a chapter officer my senior year. The chapter nominating committee included our advisors and all of the graduating seniors from the previous year’s officer team, which I had served alongside. The last question they asked me during my interview was, “What do you think made this years officer team successful?”. I had grown very close to this group of seniors and it was very bittersweet to get the opportunity to explain to them how much of an impact our team dynamic had made on me and my journey in FFA. Our year serving together as chapter officers had built a true sense of comradery that I had never experienced on a team before and I was truly proud to had been a part of it.

Future Plans:
Following my year of service as a Virginia FFA State Officer, I plan to get my certification in Equine Dentistry. With this certification I hope to eventually start my own private practice. While this is my current plan, I am open to the idea that I will be exposed to many different areas of agriculture and opportunities my arise in my year of service as a State Officer that could potentially influence my future career plans.
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