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  Megan Day,
State President

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C.L. Payne

SAE Project(s)
My supervised agriculture experience has covered many areas. I have been an employee of Daun Farm and Cows N Corn. Through these employment opportunities, I have been able to not only broaden my knowledge of agriculture but also increase my customer service skills. At both of these jobs, I was responsible for working with customers, animals, and other employees every day. Most recently, I took on a new SAE in the area of Agriculture Education. I began to work with our local livestock Show and Sale as the committee chairman and served as the youth advisor. As the Youth Advisor, I created handbooks, slideshows, and a timeline for exhibitors to follow. I was responsible for creating presentations and interactive meetings for members of all ages to ensure everyone was prepared to begin their livestock projects. In my school, I was a part of the Teachers for Tomorrow program where I was able to student teach within various agriculture programs from around our county. I was also allowed to bring agriculture into the classrooms in my high school by teaching lessons on “Pasture to Plate”. Through the program, I learned that agriculture education is most definitely the field for me. I was able to see how students respond to different types of stimulus and how using visual and physical examples prove to be more successful than using note taking or slideshows.

Favorite CDE or LDE
My favorite LDE is the FFA Creed Speaking competition. I loved spending time learning the Creed and discovering the history of those five paragraphs. I think that this competition impacts FFA members by allowing them to study the words that truly inspire our organization.

Favorite FFA memory
My favorite FFA memory will always be when I received my first FFA jacket. I can distinctly remember running into my advisor's classroom and tearing open the box. My sixth grade heart was absolutely full of joy as I unfolded the corduroy! This experience changed my life because I finally felt like I was apart of the FFA Organization.

Future Plans
In my future, I hope to attend Virginia Tech to become an agriculture educator. I'm not sure yet if I want to head into the classroom or work with an extension program. No matter the career, I know that I will be working to advocate for agriculture! Agriculture is the industry that means so much to me and I would be honored to spend my time working to spread the message of agriculturalists.
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