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  Teach Ag  
Why Teach Agriculture?      
  • Every day is different and fun! You never have the same day TWICE.
  • Inspire the next generation of problem solvers, leaders, entrepreneurs and agriculturalists.
  • Travel the state, nation and even globe.
  • Develop lasting relationships with colleagues across the country.
  • Make a positive difference in your community, state and world.
  • Work with the latest agriculture, food and natural resources technology.

Virginia Agriculture Education Stats      
  • Approximately 300 programs
  • Average Salary $56,960
  • Extended Contracts varies by locality.  They range from a 10 month to 12 month contract.

Virginia Colleges/Universities with Ag Education Pathways      
Ferrum College
Dr. Timothy Durham
  Virginia State University
Dr. Chris Cantazaro
  Virginia Tech
Dr. Donna M. Westfall-Rudd

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