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  State Skill-a-Thon  
Entries Must Be Submitted Online

Please also mail a copy; postmarked by March 26th to:
              Virginia 4-H/FFA Skill-a-Thon Contest,
              Katherine Carter,
              362 Litton Reaves Hall (0306)
              Blacksburg, Virginia 24061

Please Do NOT mail payment with entry forms – Payment or Proof of Payment Processing should be delivered during check-in/registration the morning of the contest.

NameDate AddedSize
Sample Scan Sheet 5/26/2020 155 KB
State Rules 5/26/2020 845 KB

Important Dates
Contest Date:
Thursday, April 9th, 2020

Registration Deadline:
March 25th 2020 by 5pm EDT

Online Registration Form

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