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Current State Fair Scholarship Program      
The State Fair of Virginia offers several scholarships through the many youth competitions of the Fair. Scholarship funds are held in a State Fair of Virginia, Inc. interest-bearing custody account. Annually, you will receive notice of your current balance. In future years, the balance will include the pro-rated interest that has been earned on your account balance.

When you have enrolled in an accredited college, university, or trade program, the earnings will be paid directly to your student account at your educational institution. To access scholarship funds, after enrolling in school, you will complete the Scholarship Payment Request Form (a copy is enclosed) and submit the form to the school’s registrar’s office. The registrar’s office will then forward the request to the State Fair of Virginia for payment.

Scholarships not used by your 24th birthday will revert from your name back into the State Fair of Virginia Scholarship Fund. You may not request that funds be transferred to another student.

Please visit our website, www.statefairva.org, and click on ‘State Fair Scholarship Program’ (http://statefair.com/scholarships) for general scholarship information.

2020 Schedule      

 Please check back for updates. 


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