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  April: State Judging  
State Judging is an annual gathering of various Team AgEd leaders where applications are reviewed for the upcoming award year. The headings below outline the various opportunities for chapters, members, and teachers. 

Is your chapter ready for State Judging? Use our checklist for a comprehensive list of all award opportunities:
State Judging Advisor Checklist 

FFA Chapter Awards      
State Awards:
- 100% Membership
- Public Relations
- Chapter Forestry and Wildlife
- New and Reactivated Chapters
- Nominations for the Honorary State FFA Degree
- Superior Chapter (Form I of the National Chapter Application)

Chapter Awards with National Advancement Opportunities: 
- National Chapter (Form I and II) 

FFA Member Awards      
Statewide Member Awards:
State Degree (confirm completion of applications here)

Member Awards with National Advancement Opportunities:
Proficiency Awards (confirm completion of applications here)
State Stars (confirm completion of applications here)

- American Degree (confirm completion of applications here) NOTE: To guarantee feedback from National FFA, applications must be received by March 14th 12:00 PM.

The above applications are to be completed on AET or in the Application Center on FFA.org on individual member accounts.

VAAE Member Awards      
All VAAE awards evaluated at state judging must be submitted to the online form by April 1st. Information for each award can be found on NAAE's website. Please keep in mind that you will only use the NAAE guidelines as a template for your VAAE application. Please do NOT submit any application materials to NAAE until state winners have been declared. 

Teachers Turn the Key Scholarship
The Teachers Turn the Key application is not available on NAAE's website until April 15th. Please use this link to submit a Teachers Turn the Key Application. The award recipient will need to meet the application requirements for NAAE after notification. 

State Judging Details
Save the Date: 2024 State Judging will be April 8th and 9th, 2024 at W.E. Skelton 4-H Center in Wirtz, Virginia. 
Award Due Date: ALL Award Applications (Chapter, Member, and VAAE) are due online by April 1st. American degrees should be submitted by March 14th at 12:00 PM to guarantee feedback from National FFA.

Attending State Judging
The Virginia FFA Governing Board, Advisory Board, and the VAAE Officer Team are responsible for attending all or part of the State Judging event. Please watch your email for more information.

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