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  Livestock Evaluation  
Participants in the Livestock Evaluation CDE cooperatively classify livestock as “keep” or “cull” for market and breeding purposes based on physical characteristics and records.

Event Location & Time
The 2021  Livestock Evaluation Career Development Event will be  held at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds on June 29, 2021.   Due to the fact that this is a joint 4H and FFA event, the contest will utilize the following structure.

The plans for 2021 State Contest  will be a traditional contest with 8+ classes of four animals each.
4 sets of reasons for all senior contestants.
2 sets for all junior contestants. 

Contest Entry Forms will be posted by the end of May.


We can and will allow contestants to dual enter, however, those Junior FFA members who are 14 years old prior to January 1, 2021 will need to either compete as seniors for both FFA and 4-H or give an additional set of two reasons to the two junior officials to fulfill their junior contest requirements.

NameDate AddedSize
Virginia Livestock Evaluation Rules (Junior & Senior) 5/25/2020 318 KB

Event Information
Event Format:
Team of Four
Compete at State Convention

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