Contact Jacob:

Jacob Dinterman

State Vice President

Appomattox FFA Chapter



My SAE began on my grandfather’s beef cattle farm where at a young age, I watch my father and grandfather process the cattle and occasionally, they would allow me to help with small tasks such as feeding the grain. As I grew older, my responsibilities on the farm grew with me. Because I was gaining skills needed through my Agriculture classes, I began taking on larger tasks such as tractor operation, fence management, and herd development. Also, I began working as the Cooperative Education Student/Farmhand for the Appomattox FFA Alumni Land Laboratory, a 26-acre sheep, goat, cattle, and pig farm cared for by the students in the Appomattox High School Agriculture Department and Appomattox FFA. There, I gained tons of knowledge by being dropped into the world of small animal care. Despite the fact that I had never worked sheep and goats before, I worked with confidence and grew my knowledge of the small animal care field.


My Favorite CDE:

My favorite LDE was the Employment Skills LDE held at the Virginia FFA State Convention. Being someone who was once a shy, quiet kid, I see this event as an opportunity to welcome personal interaction for the betterment of your social skills, while also gaining a practical skill I will use for the rest of my life.


My Favorite FFA Memory:    

My favorite FFA Memory was zipping up the blue jacket for the first time at my new chapter. After my Sophomore year, I moved to Appomattox. I was a shy, unsocial kid who struggled making friends for the first half of the year. However, joining my Ag Powers class in my second semester changed everything. I began competing with my new friends and had even signed up for a speaking part at banquet. However, I still did not have a jacket from my new chapter. At our banquet, a former member decided to purchase my jacket as a way to acknowledge my new participation. When I first zipped up my new jacket, a sense of pride washed over my body as I thought of everything the past two semesters has brought me, and what the next four were to bring. That jacket not only represented myself with my name on the front, but my new family, the Appomattox FFA.


My Future Plans:

My future plans are to attend the Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences in pursuit of my Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Sciences and Education. After college, I plan to teach high school agriculture and become an FFA Advisor. My advisors inspired me to follow in their footsteps, being that they were both state officers who have gone through the same major at Virginia Tech that I will be pursuing.


One Interesting Fact About Me:

I feel that one of the most interesting things about me is that I would never have pursued a career in Agriculture if I hadn’t moved to Appomattox. I had quit taking Ag classes my sophomore year and decided that I wanted to pursue a career in engineering. However, after moving to Appomattox and becoming influenced by two amazing advisors on my first tour of my new school, I rejoined the FFA and quickly reignited my passion for Agriculture that has brought me to where I am today.

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