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My SAEs began centered on my passion for the horse industry. At a very young age I started riding and competing. I started off by just taking lessons, but the summer after 8th grade, I stepped into a new role. I started working around the barn doing simple chores such as: grooming horses, walking, turning out, feeding and cleaning stalls. As time went on my responsibilities grew. Now my duties include: training/breaking horses, hired out shower, breeding specialist, and giving lessons to lower/intermediate riders. As I have gone through my SAE, I have learned more about myself as a competitor, trainer, but most importantly, as a person. I have devolved training skills, communication skills, and a gentle touch.

 Favorite CDE or LDE:

My favorite CDE was the Cattle Working competition. In this CDE you had to work in a team of three to document the medication you will be giving the cattle and perform the medical routine on three calves. The way they score this competition is accurate documentation and time spent on each head, but safely done. This was my favorite CDE because I stepped out of my comfort zone and did something I was not used too. I also got to work very hands on throughout the whole competition and practices. The plus side to all of it was that everything is outside!

My favorite FFA memory:

My favorite FFA memory is when I competed in Ag mechanics in middle school for the first time. It was such an odd move for me to take, however I give that competition 100% of the credit for baiting me into FFA, because it was the competition that brought me to my first State Convention. I fell in love with the atmosphere of State Convention and the loving group I was surrounded by.

My future plans are:

My whole life I have always enjoyed politics and the government system. As I got into FFA, my love for agriculture grew to the level as the political and government side. It took me a while to really find my own path since my family is in politics, but after consulting my family and attending the AgDiscovery camps I found the path for me. I will be attending Virginia Tech in the Agriculture Economics program after my time served on the State Team. Once I graduate from Tech, I plan on getting my Law Degree. Once I complete my college career, I plan on going into local politics. After I create my political foundation I will climb the ranks of the government system, with hopes of becoming the Secretary of Agriculture.

One Interesting Fact about Me:

One of my front teeth is fake. I was riding a horse and got thrown into a ledge and it did not break off, but my bone absorbed tooth. It turned into chalk basically so I had to get it taken out and now a fake is in its place! I used to be really insecure about it. However, I came to the conclusion that everyone has flaws and that is just one of mine.

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