Contact Carly:

Carly Carpenter

State Secretary

Massanutten Technical Center FFA Chapter



My SAE is Goat Production. I’ve grown up on a goat farm ever since I was little, and as I got older, most of the responsibility was transferred to both myself and my brother. We are responsible for the day to day care of our animals, as well as our breeding/genetics program. Because of my experience in Livestock Judging, I am responsible for deciding which does to retain in our herd, and which bucks to use in our breeding program. We raise boer goats, and the offspring is either marketed to local 4-H/FFA exhibitors for our county fair, or is shown across the East Coast at American Boer Goat Association (ABGA) shows. My SAE taught me the value of record keeping, work ethic, and responsibility. I definitely would not be the person I am today had it not been for the life skills I developed through my SAE.

 Favorite CDE or LDE:

My favorite CDE is Milk Quality and Products. This contest involves a written exam and identifying cheeses, off flavors of milk, and milk products v. substitutes. Contestants also use a CMT paddle to detect mastitis, which was very interesting to me. This contest appealed to me mainly because you get to eat as part of the competition. Granted, some of the off flavors, like onion, and the substitues were disgusting (I still get flashbacks about the non-dairy sour cream), the cheese identification was a highlight for me. Milk Quality and Products was different than any other contest that I’d done before, and I’m so glad I made that leap to join my chapter’s team because I ended up loving it! This experience taught me to always try new things because you just might develop a new passion.

My favorite FFA memory:

My junior year of high school was the first year that MTC offered the Agricultural Production program. The class is an on-site experience that allows students to work and learn on a farm. The program allowed students, such as homeschooled and private school students, to join FFA for the first time. Normally, they would have never had the opportunity to join FFA. In 2018, we decided to attend State Convention to compete in the Livestock Evaluation Contest. 

My favorite memory was the moment that the new FFA members received their FFA jackets before their first convention. Getting your first jacket is a huge milestone for members, and seeing my classmates’ faces light up when they saw the jacket with their name embroidered on the front was a moment that I will never forget.

My future plans are:

I’ve always been interested in agriculture, policy, and the government. Because of these interests, and my passion for public speaking, I’ve decided to pursue a degree in Environmental Policy with a minor in Agricultural Science at Louisiana State University. I plan to pursue a career as an agricultural lobbyist, so that I can advocate for legislation that benefits and protects farmers.  

One Interesting Fact about Me:

My family and I are absolutely obsessed with Disney! I’ve been watching Disney films for as long as I can remember, and our family even has a Disney themed Christmas tree. My favorite Disney character is Kim Possible; I wanted to be just like her when I was younger. To this day, my family and I have Disney movie marathons; it’s a great way to decompress and spend time with those I love.

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