Contact Kenzie:

Kenzie Kline

State Treasurer

Strasburg FFA Chapter



My Small Animal Care and Production SAE involves my work in raising the show rabbit breed Dwarf Hotot. This project originally started off as a hobby for my dad and I to do together, however, as I grew up and became involved in FFA I took over many responsibilities on my own. Some of my daily responsibilities include feeding every rabbit, filling up every water bottle, and providing a treat of hay or oats. Other responsibilities include cleaning the cages, producing liters, selling rabbits, maintaining a pedigree program, and updating my website. Through my experience I had the opportunity to win a state proficiency award as well as be recognized as a national finalist. My personal favorite part throughout raising rabbits has been getting youth involved in showing because it reminds me of my start and all the opportunities they could have as well.


My favorite CDE/LDE

My favorite LDE has been Parliamentary Procedure; I first participated in this LDE in the junior event in the seventh grade. This contest helped me to become a better public speaker and overcome being shy. My favorite part about this LDE is that I was able to think on my feet and let my voice be heard while using parliamentary procedure from Robert’s Rules of Order. Along with my contest teammates, I had the opportunity to go to compete at National Convention twice.


My favorite FFA memory:

My favorite FFA memory was my first Virginia State FFA Convention. I was in the eighth grade when I was first able to attend and while there I competed in the employment skills LDE and performed opening ceremonies as the Jr. Parliamentary Procedure LDE All-State Secretary. Making it to the second day of employment skills and performing opening ceremonies made convention very hectic. It was so hectic that I didn’t have time to eat lunch before the third session, however, the state officers came to the rescue with pizza. My first convention was definitely one to remember from the events I participated in to the time spent with friends and my chapter.

My future plans are:

After I finish my year of service as a state officer, I plan to attend Virginia Tech to study agriculture sciences. I would like to one day become an agriculture educator because of the impact my advisors and teachers have had on me. I am still open to other options because I’m unsure of the opportunities that could be presented to me, but regardless I want to educate others about agriculture.


One Interesting Fact About Me:

For the past ten years, I have taken ballet lessons that have been a big part of my life. When I was younger I had tried many different sports and activities, but none of them held my interest like ballet. I have gone through all the levels at my studio up to advance with eight years of pointe work. This past May, I had my last recital in which I had a three group dances, a trio, and a senior solo.


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