Block & Bridle 2020 Events

Hippology and Horse Judging

Contest Information

Friday February 14th - Hippology Contest Letter and Registration

Saturday February 15th - Horse Judging Contest Letter and Registration

Links to online registration can be found at the bottom of the contest letter. 

(Registration Due: January 24th)



Virginia Tech  

Litton Reaves Hall, Blacksburg, VA

Horse Judging:

Virginia Tech

Alphin-Stuart Livestock Arena, Blacksburg, VA

Registration Deadline

Friday, January 24th

Contest Fees

Hippology: $10 registration fee per student 

Horse Judging: $10/student (lunch is included) 

Contest Contacts

Block and Bridle Horse Weekend:

Hippology: Beth Sheely

Horse Judging: Shelby Kohn


Stockmen's, Livestock Judging and Meats Judging

Contest Information

Contest Letter 2020

Contest Registration 

Contest Date

Stockmen's: February 28th 

Livestock Judging: February 29th

Meats Judging: March 7th


Stockmen's/Livestock Judging: The Alphin-Stuart Livestock Arena in Blacksburg, VA

Meats Judging: Litton Reaves Hall and The Virginia Tech Meat Center in Blacksburg, VA

Registration Deadline

Friday, February 14th

Contest Fees

Stockmen's: $6/student

Livestock Judging (regular contest): $6/student

Livestock Judging (advanced): $11/student (lunch is included)

Meats Judging: $11/student (lunch is included)

Contest Contacts

Katherine Carter:

Bain Wilson:

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